Referral Program

A $50 Gift Card for you!

from Panera Bread

panera gift card

Refer a friend…

Help your friends and business associates.


1. Go to the contact me page, and send me a message with your name, contact information and that of your friend/business associate.

2. Contact your friend/business associate and have them contact me if you like.

We will arrange for a complimentary meeting to assess needs and whether it is a good match. Once we start working, I will send you the gift card. As most of my clients are from referrals, this is just a token of my appreciation.

Who are my ideal clients?

1. Young Executive

2. Newly Promoted

3. Seasoned Executive

* I prefer to work with creative and strategic executives/entrepreneurs that are in the IT field. I can also help those in the manufacturing, printing and service oriented sector. To learn more about how I can help you, please go here.

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