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It all started with 178 companies on September 6th…

On September 13th, got selected as one of Top 20 to go to the next round.

and the close up of that trophy…


On October 5th, we presented to five esteemed panelist at the PBS Station who then asked questions for 10 minutes to help decide who advances to the final round.


(Pam practicing for her 60 second opening in the waiting room…and did a fantastic job)

On October 11th, Blinkmatch was announced as one of the Top 5 Finalist:

  4. The Mommy Doctors Bakery
  5. Nature’s Nectar

What was funny was while we were being announced as the Top 5 at the Expand, we were announced as the top 22 at the Distilled Intelligence 1.0 contest. It was way too exciting for 1 day.

This is the Trophy we got. Pam Tsang had to go accept this for the team.

On October 27th, went to Super Synergy to present to an audience of about 200 alongside the other Top 5. Lynette Mutter, my supportive mentor,  gave a flattering introduction and off we went. We gave it the very best shot but lost to and Nature’s Nectar.

These two contest helped up solidify our business concept and crystallized our ideas. We barely did our soft-launch 1 month prior to these contest so it was great validation…

Now back to work and develop more features for our app.

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Blinkmatchapp accepted into the Distilled Intelligence 1.0 Contest

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

On October 11th, was accepted among other 55 other start-ups to present to an audience of over 100 including VC’s and investors.

We had the opportunity to do a 60 second pitch and was selected as one of the top 22 companies to go to the next round. All the companies there were innovative and had dynamic teams.

Distilled Intelligence 1.0 – First Rounds (we are at 0:08:20 into it) went first on both rounds (alphabetical) and was nerve wracking to say the least.  I gave it my best shot but the journey for this competition ended at being on the top 22.

I would honestly say we should have made the top 11 but I blew it. On the day of presentation, the slide deck I practiced to for over a week and brought with me could not be accepted. I had to present to a set of old data points and slides I thought was just a place-holder. That said, the Top 5 were great companies and they all deserved to be there. I seriously doubted we would have made that round.

The incredible thing was the learning experience presenting to a group of panel experts and VC’s, meeting other companies and making some great connections. We have since been in doalog with a couple of the companies there with possibilities of some collaborations.

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