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There was no breakfast but there was plenty food for the brain.

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Those who have met me know I am full of ideas…but those who know me also know that I am all about making ideas happen. Nothing frustrates me more than just talking about “good” ideas. My “activator” strength is rev’ing, ready to go.

That is what happened this morning. I went to a NCTC Marketing and sales forum focused on “Strategic Planning for Effective Communications”. Thomas Becher of tba (the becher agency), Ernest DelBuono of Neathawk, Dubuque and Packett and Jon Carlin shared lessons and best practices to develop a communications plan that is aligned overall business objectives.  There really wasn’t much I did not know. In fact it is one of those mettings where you wish your clients were there so they can hear someone else say the same thing.

There was talk of strategy, tactics, audience, message…you know, marketing stuff. BUT…

Anyone that has been with me for any length of time would know I am all for experience. These guys are all experienced guys, experts in their field and definitely worth listening to. Well, while I was listening, I switched from the alpha brain state to beta. That was when I started actively listening and applying the principles I have taught hundreds of time to myself. I started listening to them shares stories and principles as though it was my first time. All kinds of ideas came to my head as to what I could do for 88owls.

As soon as the meeting was over, I could not wait to leave to start working on those ideas. It would have been nice to stay around for a few more minutes to meet the other attendants but the urge to start working was too great.

So the moral of the story today is, even when you think you have heard it all before, listen again with fresh ears. So even though there was nothing to munch on, there was plenty to “chew” on. In the meantime look out what the changes to 88owls in the coming months.

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The Smart…the wise and the foolish

January 6, 2010 2 comments

Who wants to be the fool? Well my definition of a fool would be someone who repetitively makes the same mistakes, or at least someone who falls into a pattern that does not generate constructive results. With that in mind, at home, I act quite foolishly…at least to my wife.

Well in business, it is easy to make those same mistakes, making decisions that never move us forward. These patterns are easier seen by an outsider with an unbiased perspective. Hence the need for a coach or a business advisor.

There is a saying that fools do not learn from their mistakes while the smart ones learn from their’s. The wise ones, however learn from the mistakes of the fool, the smart as well as from themselves. Sometimes that is from pure observation with insightful analysis. Most times, wisdom comes from experiences. Experiences comes from making mistakes. Mistakes comes from the act of doing. That is why a commander in chief would take advise from a general that has been in battle over someone that merely studied the military arts. Sun Tzu obviously does not fit that mold. That is why he is controversial. But generally, we are more eager to learn from those that have done it or have seen it done over someone who has read about it. (more about why this is so on a later blog)

So do wisdom come with age? Not necessarily. I believe that wisdom comes from observation, analysis, and making good decisions. In many cases, these “good” decisions has come at a cost. While the fool chases his tail around, the smart one eventually will learn from his mistakes and become wise. Sooner or later, that smart guy/gal would realize it is much less costly to learn from the mistakes of others. So he wises up.

In other words, mistakes are good, just learn from them. And sooner or later, others will learn from you. There is an artist I love watching many years ago which I have started watching recently with my daughter. His name is Bob Ross. His famous saying is…”There are no mistakes, just happy accidents!” Got to love that…and his hair!